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Consumer Electronics Distributors and Suppliers

Sri Lanka Consumer Electronic Suppliers Directory offers a complete list of electronic distributors and suppliers who wished to distribute consumer electronic products from Sri Lanka. These electronic distribution companies are providing wide range of consumer electronic products at the best possible prices in the market. Trade Alert – Providing the latest industry news and product trends straight into your daily email. E-news is the most popular consumer electronic publication in Asia.

The distributors and suppliers listed with us have years of experience and they are offering some of the best consumer electronics prices in the world. They have established their own brand value which can be known through long-time relationship they have with all their customers. They are always keeping in mind about the customer requirements and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for consumer electronics products, then select them carefully from the wide variety that’s available on our website. Sri Lanka is one of the fastest developing economy in Asia and there are many electronics firms that have set up manufacturing industries here.

There are numerous consumer electronic suppliers located in different parts of Sri Lanka like Anascape (established in 1983), ASPOR (established in 1986), EDK Investments Limited (since 1987) and Alside Electronics(since 1987). Many of the well-known names in the market have their manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka like PCChesn Corporation, KDC Solutions Limited, C.G. Global, Univerge Industries Limited, Thermoplastic Industries and Sumitomo Metal Factory. These firms manufacture Electron Products, LCD Products, Plasma TV, Digital signage, Audio Video, Microwave Oven, Video games and Automotive accessories.

The consumer electronics market of Sri Lanka is rapidly growing. There has been rapid development of software and communication industries. The markets are thriving with new applications and consumer electronic suppliers are developing these applications. They are also developing state-of-the-art and advanced technologies to give the customers a choice of products. Software companies like Sybase are developing applications for digital signage and enterprise search applications. This will enable organizations to efficiently manage their information systems.

Computer and Electronics Dealers Association of Sri Lanka is one of the biggest consumer electronic suppliers of Sri Lanka with more than 30 years experience in supplying consumer electronics products. Computer Accessories Dealers Association of Sri Lanka (CADA). Besides computer accessories dealers, there are many other consumer electronics suppliers operating across the country. The distributors and manufacturers can be reached through phone or internet.

The distributors of consumer electronic products can also be reached through mail. The best place to look for a distributor is his online site. You can also find consumer electronics suppliers listing at the websites of the Chambers of Commerce and Consumer Markets. You can also get the addresses of the consumer electronic suppliers from telephone directories. These suppliers offer free information on all sorts of consumer electronic products.

Consumer Electronics Suppliers – Tips on How to Find a Reliable One

The global economic recession has had a devastating impact on consumer electronic suppliers, both traditional and offshore. Many of them have closed their businesses and there has been a mass retrenchment of employees worldwide. As consumers get more cautious about spending, they are looking for more value for their money. This has led to a search for quality suppliers of consumer electronic products who offer competitive prices with genuine service.

Never enter into a contract with consumer electronic suppliers without first comparing the rates and the various services offered by the different suppliers. Gather all the detailed information about the company, its past achievements, customer testimonials, financial position and industry details. Do not forget to look into the background of the company as well – whether it is a private limited company or a public sector one. It is also important to check the registration status of the company.

The internet is a good source of consumer electronic suppliers and other consumer goods information. There are plenty of websites that provide a useful guide to the prospective customers. Look through the various categories of consumer electronic products and determine your requirement. Once you are clear about your need, you can start gathering the detailed information. In fact, you may even come across offers, discounts and special offers on certain items that you would otherwise never have come across. Check out the company profile and take a decision whether to go ahead with them or not.

The World Wide Web gives the consumer electronic goods dealers an opportunity to showcase their wares in front of a larger market. The World Wide Web makes the business more transparent and allows you to negotiate better with the suppliers. You can also find out about the background and the registration status of the company. Compare the prices, the variety and features of the consumer electronic goods and choose the one that suits your budget and needs. Always opt for the consumer electronics suppliers, who are registered with your country’s regulatory body. This will help you protect yourself from any kind of fraudulent registration.

Never trust the supplier based on his word alone. Rather, verify the facts and make your own analysis. After all, this is the best way of making sure that you are not dealing with some middlemen trying to dupe you. Look for consumer electronic suppliers who have been in the business for quite some time and have a proven track record in delivering consumer electronics products.

Check out the quality of the consumer electronic goods that the suppliers are selling. Never compromise on the quality of the goods. The quality of the consumer electronics should be of such a level that it will be difficult for you to believe that the company manufactures them. Also, ensure that the company has the required expertise and resources to deliver the products on time. Most importantly, verify whether they provide any kind of money back guarantee, in case the products fail to meet your expectations. In fact, you would do well to opt for only reputable consumer electronic suppliers when you are looking to purchase consumer electronics goods.